Vote via University of Auckland Engage Platform, or message us with your choices if you can't vote!!!


This is done through the University Campus Labs Engage platform for safety and to ensure people only vote once.


Please vote to support us, and for individuals running for more than one position, please vote for them in the role you feel is most suitable as each individual can only hold one role.


Thank you Fellow Postgraduate Students and Alumi <3


Meet and vote for the Candidates:

President (Executive Role)

Genevieve Groult.    - https://www.facebook.com/VoteGenevieveforPGSAPresident

Education Vice President (Executive Role)

Sahan Jayatissa - https://www.facebook.com/Vote-Sahan-Jayatissa-for-Academic-Vice-President-2021-113639497203055


Engagement Vice President (Executive Role)

Kelly Misiti

Welfare Vice President (Executive Role)

Sean Richards - https://www.facebook.com/SeanRichardsWVP

PG Officer (Executive Role)

Emma Cooper-Williams - https://www.facebook.com/Emma-Cooper-Williams-for-Postgraduate-Student-Officer-2021-106556124500628

Secretary (Executive Role)

Josie Olsen - https://www.facebook.com/Josie-Olsen-for-PGSA-Secretary-2021-112668757299788/

Treasurer (Executive Role)

Amit Kumar - https://www.facebook.com/Amit-for-Treasurer-PGSA-2021-107926511116763

Events Officer (Executive Role)

Aparajita Chakraborty

Communications Officer (Executive Role)

Armando Sanabria

James Halcrow

International Students officer (Executive Role)

Shengzhi Zhang (Shawn)

Māori and Pasifika Student Officer

'Olita Tu'ifua

Accommodations Student Officer

Courtney Kovach

Rainbow Student Officer

Matty Hayward

Welfare Student Officer

Jemma Smith

Sammie Lee

Hannah Long

Ben Gaskin

Jemma Smith

Membership Student Officer

Sammie Lee

Shengzhi Zhang (Shawn)

Event's Team Member (General Role)

Josie Olsen

Mehrdad Rafiepourgatabi

Olita Tu’ifua

Jemma Smith

Christabel Pahl

Communications Team Member (General Role)

Perry Ho

Hang Thai

Mehrdad Rafiepourgatabi

Olita Tu’ifua

Jemma Smith

Welfare Team

Qun Ma - Off Shore Officer

Doris Lee

Sammie Lee

Josie Olsen







For the First Time EVER!


PGSA Elections are in full swing and coming to you live throughout this month. Your PGSA is expanding and developing committees that will collaborate with our extensive network and grow the PGSA in order to support and advocate for our students on a whole new level! These elections are applicable for our

Central executive, Board, and Sub-committees (events and communications).

If you are a final-year UG student who is about to/already commencing steps towards PG study, feel free to apply as well.

The Central PGSA supports and has oversight of faculty PGSA’s, comprises a body of student representatives that sit on University and Faculty-level committees, and encompasses a team of amazing volunteers that bring support, social connectivity and adventure to all our postgrads.

No matter how much experience you have, what level you feel your English language may be at, or how much time you have up your sleeves, we want individuals who have dedication, passion and drive. 

We are an inclusive independently run and governed organisation that is separate from the university, comprised of student volunteers who understand that PG study is a huge commitment and a lot of us have families, jobs, and other high pressures to deal with. All levels of our organisation appreciate the ability to prioritise and not over-commit, and recognise that people want to help but may only have a certain amount of availability which makes them hesitate in stepping forward. If that sounds like you, please feel reassured we are still interested in hearing from you, and can work with you so that you can still get involved without detriment to other aspects of your lives and academia.




PGSA Election Schedule


The schedule observed below can also be found on our website homepage https://www.uoapgsa.org via the interactive calendar (you can add this to your google calendar):

Monday October 5th –                       Information release and Applications OPEN

Friday October 23rd (midnight) –       Applications CLOSED

Friday October 23rd –                         Applicants are sent information regarding candidacy confirmation.

                                                              Campaigning support workshop 8pm-9:30

Sunday October 25th (midnight) –     Campaigns go live and voting OPENS

Thursday November 5th (midnight) – Voting CLOSES

Friday 6th November –                        Candidates are notified of outcome and accept positions, 

Monday 9th November –                     PGSA members are notified of the successful candidates.


To learn about all of the roles that are open - new and existing; please follow this link to our website to view all of the roles: https://www.uoapgsa.org/pgsa-executive-and-board-roles.

The website is still in progress, and is currently most compatible with desktop/laptop format, however, everything can be viewed via mobile as well.




You are able to apply for AS MANY roles as you want via the tickboxes. 

Please remember we need you to write a description for EACH of the roles you want (please manually list using * for each new role and make a new paragraph for each). There is a 300 word limit for each role paragraph.




If you wish to send us your CV please wait until your candidacy application has been confirmed via a personal email from our president. CV submission is not compulsory.


Candidate Applications

Once our candidates have been confirmed and campaigning and voting starts, you will be able to access links to their social media campaign on this page:


Here you will be able to find links to the Candidates facebook pages as well, so if you want to ask them further questions, you will know where to look!

Executive Roles

  • President

  • Student Engagement VP

  • Academic VP

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Events Officer

  • Communications Officer



  • International Student Officer

  • Maori & Pasifika Student Officer

  • Accommodations 

  • Student Officer

  • Rainbow Student Officer

  • Welfare & Disabilities Student Officer

  • Membership Student Officer

  • Mature & Parent Students Officer



  • Events Team Member

  • Communications Team Member

  • General Board Member/Faculty Rep